Prepping Your Dog for Hunting Season

Prepping Your Dog for Hunting Season

Bringing your trusted Lab along for hunting season can make the experience an even more relaxing and enjoyable one. To ensure everything runs smoothly, there are a few precautionary steps you should take in preparing your furry friend for hunting season.

Keep an Eye on Your Lab’s Weight

A huge, and sadly sometimes common, mistake hunting owners make is not watching Fido’s weight. When the hunting season begins, you’ll want to adjust your Labs diet. The more physical activity your pup gets, the more calories they’re going to need to burn. This also means before hunting season begins, you need to up their activity level. A four-legged friend who has been sitting by the couch for the last 3 weeks is not going to be in the proper shape to accompany you on your adventure.

Have You Started Exercising Yet?

Like we stated above, your pooch is going to need more calorie intake to keep up with their increased activity, which also means they’ll need an equal increase in their activity level. This is not just a light suggestion, but instead, strong advice that you start training with your Lab now. Don’t just wait until hunting season begins; your canine companion should start upping their exercise routine at least 6 to 8 weeks before hunting season begins. And it’s up to you to ensure that happens.

Make an Appointment with Fido’s Vet

Before pushing your dog harder than usual, and taking them out on a hunting excursion – a veterinarian visit is a must. Your Lab will undergo a physical checkup during their visit to analyze if they’re fit for hunting-like activities. Fido’s vet may also provide crucial vaccination to protect them from diseases like Lyme disease that they could catch while out and about in the wild.

Take Preventative Flea & Tick Measures

As soon as possible, start your Lab on preventative treatments for fleas and ticks. These pests are a treat to your furry friend year-round. Wooded areas are especially dangerous, as they are prime spots for fleas & ticks to latch on to an unsuspecting bystander, like your pooch. While at the vet, ask them which treatments they recommend to be the most successful, especially for your circumstances.

Don’t Forget About Safety Gear!

Your canine companion can easily be mistaken for game, especially if they end up roaming off the path near other hunters. So before you even think about starting the hunting season, buy your Lab a blazing orange vest along with a reflective collar. Ensure you purchase the breakaway kind to prevent any choking hazards while in wooded areas. Safety goggles are also recommended. Another thing to consider is investing in an identification microchip, which will come in handy if your pup does end up losing their collar.

Hunting season can be fun for both you and Fido. Just ensure you take the necessary steps before your hunting excursion to keep everyone, including your loving Lab, happy and healthy.

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