When to Give Your Dog a Bath

When to give your dog a bath.

Bathing your dog can be quite the hassle. Sometimes they don’t sit still and it also can create a mess for you to clean up when bath time is over. Their fur can clog your…

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Tips for Training Your Puppy to be a Hunting Dog

Hunting puppy training tips.

Have you always wanted a hunting dog who can accompany you on your adventures? Do you have a new puppy that you are just dying to start training to be your companion in the field?…

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Tips for Keeping Your Pup Sharp

Keeping your dog sharp.

Keeping our dogs physically fit and getting enough exercise is always a priority for dog owners. But what sometimes falls to the back of our minds is keeping our dogs mentally sharp as well. The…

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Toys to Work Your Dog’s Brain

Brain teaser toys for your dog.

Our dog’s love to exercise, and it is extremely important to provide that for them. It’s also important to feed your dog the right foods for their body. As good pet parents, we know this….

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Keeping Your Hunting Dog in Shape

Keeping your dog in shape.

While hunting season is over, keeping your pup ready for the next season is still important. If you take too much time off when it isn’t hunting season, your dog might get a bit out…

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Fun & Stylish Dog Crates for Your Home

Fun and stylish dog crates.

Crates and creating a space of their own for your dog is really important for their happiness. Many dogs feel comfortable and sleep well in a crate. They are also a great tool to use…

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Hunting Dog Names for 2018

Popular hunting dog names for 2018.

Naming a dog is a big commitment and can be stressful for many dog owners. You want the perfect name to fit your dog’s unique personality and one that you’ll enjoy calling them for many,…

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Protect Your Backseat During Hunting Season

Protect your backseat during hunting season.

During hunting season, odds are your dog may be spending a decent amount of time in your car. If your dog is well-trained and comfortable in cars, this probably doesn’t cause you too much stress….

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Welcome to Our New Website

TK Hot Retrievers is proud to announce the launch of our new website! We will be posting news and updates a few times a month so subscribe to our rss feed to stay in the loop! What…

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