Teach Your Dog to Communicate Through Buttons

Do you find yourself asking your pet questions wishing they could answer? Well, now you can! Recently, quite popular on social media, Pet Communication Buttons are pet owners’ new favorite training activity! These buttons allow…

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The Best Toys for Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunting dogs are bred for their intelligence, energy, and drive. These traits all work together to create a dog that will thrive in a hunting environment. But, when your dog is just hanging out around…

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These Items Will Keep Your Pup Cool All Summer

As temperatures heat up, our pets have extra layers of fur trapping that heat! We want our pets to be comfortable when they lay by the pool with us; giving them some chilling items can…

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Natural Remedies for Doggy Bad Breath

We all love getting kisses from our furry friends, but sometimes they need a breath mint! There are quite a few options for doggy toothpaste and mouthwash at the store, but we compiled a list…

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Does My Labrador Need a Waterproof Collar?

If your pooch loves to go for a swim then you know the struggle of dealing with smelly, dirty dog collars. Cleaning and maintaining these collars can be a tedious pain. Waterproof collars will prevent…

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Why Won’t My Dog Eat Out of a Food Bowl?

Why Won't My Dog Eat Out of a Food Bowl?

Sometimes, dogs suddenly stop eating from their dog bowl. But why do our furry friends quit eating their food from their bowls? There are several reasons why dogs do this, so we have provided some…

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Learn More About Your Labrador’s Paws

Learn More About Your Labrador's Paws

Labrador Paws Paws are one of our favorite parts of our furry friends as they can shake, walk, and do so many other fun things. Labrador paws are specifically interesting as they were perfectly created…

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How to Safely Dye Your Retriever’s Hair

How to Safely Dye Your Retriever's Hair

Whether you are looking to spice up your dog’s day-to-day look or are trying to put the cherry on top of a doggy costume, dyeing your dog’s fur can be exciting. However, dyeing your dog’s…

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Fun Facts About Labrador Retrievers

Also known as America’s favorite dog, the labrador retriever has been one of the most popular dog breeds for 28 years in a row. There are various reasons why this could be, but we thought…

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The Fascinating History of Fox-Red Labradors

The Fox-Red Labrador is a darker shade of the yellow Labrador Retriever, and with their striking beauty – it’s no surprise that they’re growing in popularity. With that, we thought we’d share a bit more…

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