10 Things All Labrador Parents Know

10 Things All Labrador Parents Know

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and for their owners, it’s probably not hard to see why. If you don’t own a Lab and want to know more about them, read on to find out what their owners would probably tell you.

1. Fetch is Not a Game

Alright, so technically Fetch is a game – but to your Labrador, it’s much more than that. If you throw a stick or a ball, then you better know that pup is going to expect you to throw it again and again and again as they continue to return it to you. This shouldn’t come as too big of a shock since the word retrieve is literally in their name. These canines were bred to retrieve all types of things, so for them – they’re just doing their job.

2. They’re Full of Energy

A lot of excitement and energy can be fun, but it also means that an ample amount of exercise will be needed to keep this dog happy and healthy. As stated before, Labradors were bred to be working dogs, so they needed to be high-energy to do their jobs successfully.

3. You Need A Lot of Chewies

Labrador Retrievers love to chew, so chew toys and treats are a necessity if you want to maintain the state of your tennis shoes. Rawhide bones are also great for giving your pup something to gnaw on, that isn’t your furniture or personal belongings.

4. They’re People Pleasers

The reason Labs are typically very easy to train when it comes to dog breeds is due to their need to please. They canines love being given tasks, which is another reason they were known as excellent working dogs. Additionally, this people-pleasing attitude has made them an excellent guide, therapy, and rescue dog.

5. A Naturally Kind and Friendly Breed

No matter your size or age, Labs are ready to give you love. Because of this, these canines tend to be a popular choice among families. Labs are patient and full of playfulness, which are excellent qualities for a dog to have if they’re going to be around children. Kids tend to also be drawn to these dogs’ kind, loving personalities in return.

6. Shedding is Going to Happen Whether You Like it or Not

These canines can’t help but leave a small part of themselves everywhere they go. This means that you, your furniture, and their toys tend to have Labrador hair on them. Labs have a resistant double coat that makes them excellent swimmers, but that also means regular brushing and grooming is a must.

7. Sometimes You Think They Might be Part Amphibian

Labradors are water dogs. Their coat, tail, and webbed-feet are all entirely made to be used in the water. They love being in the water and swimming so much; you might even start to question their species.

8. You Have to Keep an Eye on That Tail

As happy pups, Labs love wagging their tail but take that as more of a warning than a fun fact. Their otter-like tail that is great in the water and can help them steer as a rudder would. But on land, its greatest hit is knocking everything off your coffee table, if you’re not careful.

9. They Can Be Quite the Escape Artists

Labs are pretty clever pups, which also makes them experts at breaking free. Keeping a close eye on them and having a secured fenced yard is a must. But to play it safe, you should always ensure their tags are on even get them microchipped if you can.

10. More Than Just an Adorable Face

As mentioned, Labs are clever dogs. With their sweet eyes and adorable face, you might assume they’re just excellent cuddle buddies, but they’re extremely intelligent. Compared to other dog breeds, Labradors rank among the brightest. This means that learn commands and tricks much faster than the average dog would and pick up on routines very quickly. When they were working dogs, this focus and intelligence made them great at their jobs – now it helps them even take orders from a toddler if told to sit or stay.

Above all, Labrador Retrievers are sweet, smart, and energetic pups that would make a great addition to any household.

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