Learn More About Your Labrador’s Paws

Learn More About Your Labrador's Paws

Labrador Paws

Paws are one of our favorite parts of our furry friends as they can shake, walk, and do so many other fun things. Labrador paws are specifically interesting as they were perfectly created to help Labs in their original roles. Their feet are webbed, which helped their ancestors master swimming and retrieving game. Additionally, Labradors have dewclaws which allow them to grip well while running.

There are so many other fascinating facts about Labrador Retriever’s paws.

Fun Facts

Labrador Retriever’s paws come with many interesting facts that you may not know.

  1. Some Labs have a white spot on the bottom of their paw, known as a Bolo spot.
  2. Labs are digitigrade animals, meaning they bear their weight on their paws.
  3. Labradors have five toes – including their dewclaw!
  4. Some Labrador Retriever’s dewclaws won’t develop properly, leaving a nail or flap of skin.
  5. The dewclaws on the hind legs are not attached by tendons, leaving only four functional toes.

What A Lab’s Paws Look Like

All puppy’s paws look different depending on their size, color, and many other factors. However, there are several similarities throughout the breed’s paws.

Labrador Retriever’s paws have five toes with four regular toes and a dewclaw. The front five toes are fully functional; however, the hind dewclaws are not. The front paws typically have a cluster of toes 2-5, and the dewclaw will be positioned higher up. A dog’s dewclaws do not touch the ground when walking but do when they are running or climbing.

Yellow Labs typically have lighter paw pad coloring than chocolate or black Labradors. Additionally, some Labs may have black and pink patches throughout the paws. As aforementioned, some Labs even have a white spot under their foot.

Caring for Lab Paws

Regular nail trimming is a must for all dogs as the nail could split and become painful. Although some dogs need their nails trimmed, Labrador Retriever’s paws need additional maintenance.

Labradors also need paw pad care. If your dog is active or spends time outside, their paw pads should be investigated often for cuts or other injuries. If it is frigid where you live, you might even want to invest in dog boots to protect their paws.

Additionally, checking in between the toes is essential. Thorns and other gunk can get stuck between toes, becoming painful and irritating. Because these things get wedged between toes, our furry friends often find it difficult to remove them themselves.

Our canine companion’s paws are more interesting than you probably thought, filled with many purposes. Use these tips to care for your Lab’s paws to keep them happy and healthy!

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