The Best Toys for Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunting dogs are bred for their intelligence, energy, and drive. These traits all work together to create a dog that will thrive in a hunting environment. But, when your dog is just hanging out around the house, they need a different way to let out all of that energy.

Here are our best recommendations for toys that will meet the needs of your hunting dog.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Treat Dispensing Chew Toy

This chew toy is perfect for dogs who LOVE to chew things. It will keep them occupied for a very long time as they continue to get rewarded the longer they chew.

You can put small treats or pieces of food inside this toy that will fall out as your pup continues to chew. They will continue to be surprised with rewards as they explore this toy.

Petstages Orka Tennis Ball

For dogs who feel the need to run and chase things, fetch is the perfect game. But any old object won’t work for a dog who is trained for much more than a simple game of fetch. This ball is the perfect solution!

The Orka tennis ball is super durable so your pup won’t be able to chew it to shreds. It fits in most launchers and floats so you don’t have to worry about losing this ball in the water.

This ball is also made with holes for treats to be stuffed into for added fun for Fido.

Orbee-Tuff Fetch Ball with Rope

This toy will do double duty for playtime with your pooch. It can be used as a ball to play fetch with, or with the rope, is the perfect, durable, toy for tug-of-war. This ball and rope can bounce and float so you won’t lose it in the water. The best part of this product, though, is that it is infused with mint to it’ll freshen your furry friend’s breath while they play!

Treat Maze Puzzle Toy

If you need to stimulate your pup’s mind more than their body, a puzzle toy is a great solution. This puzzle toy from Outward Hound is great as it will keep Fido interested for a very long time. This puzzle comes in different levels depending on your pooch’s capability. This way, once your four-legged friend has mastered a puzzle, you can just move them up to the next level puzzle to keep them entertained!

Keeping a hunting dog from letting out all of its energy by destroying your home can be difficult, but with the help of these toys, Fido is sure to be able to find some other way to let loose and have some fun!

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